1.3 SEO Guide: How to Optimize Content of your Blog?

In the previous articles of SEO Guide, we learned about “SEO Basics“and “how to optimize site structure of your Blog“? Now on this article we are going to learn “how to optimize content of your Blog”?

First, Create Quality of Content 

As we know that,” Content is King”, therefore you have to optimize content of your blog by creating quality and useful content. If you create good content on your site, then users will direct other users to it by blog posting, social media services, forums, emails etc. I have seen the power of content on different websites, they just write original piece of research break and exciting news stories on their sites, that’s why they are getting more likes than other sites.

Optimize Content

Tips to Optimize your Content

Try to write it well and cleaned
Do not write sloppy text and avoid grammatical mistakes
Always embed text for images
Organized your content in a better way
Include headings h1, h2, h3 on your article
Do not dumping large amount of text without paragraphs and subheadings
Create content for your users instead of search engines
Do not insert unnecessary keywords in the content

Secondly, Write Better Anchor Text

It is the clickable text, which is placed between the anchor tag <a href=”…”></a>. It will easy convey the users and Google about the page you are linking to. The links may be internal to your posts or external leading on other sites.Optimize Content Optimize Content

Tips to Optimize Anchor Text

The Anchor Text at least tells about the user, what the page is linked to the content
Avoid writing generic anchor text like “click here, page, articles etc”
Do not use text that is off-topic
Try to make it in summarize form and write concisely
Avoid writing long anchor text
Format your links, so the users may differentiate between regular text and the anchor text
Do not use CSS or any text styling which look like a regular text

Thirdly, Optimize your Images too

You can optimize the images through “alt” attributes; therefore don’t leave the image description portion particularly “alt” portion. In case if the text cannot be displayed, the “alt” tag allows you to specify the alternative text.Optimize Content

Tips to Optimize Your Image

Try to write descriptive filenames and alt text on every image you are posting
Do not use generic filenames such as “image2.png”  “1png” etc
Do not write extreme lengthy filenames, image description should be in summarized form
While you are link image, try to link its “alt” tag instead of image itself

And Last but not the least, use Heading Tags Appropriately

Heading tags play an important role to visible your site in search engine, because search engine like heading tags, therefore try to use h1, h2, h3 tags while posting an article. Heading tags are actually stressing on your content. You have also seen this in SEO by Yoast Plugin, while publishing an article, it will tells you try to insert heading h1, h2 etc for SEO.Optimize Content

There are six different heading tags, started with <h1> and ended with <h6>.

Tips to Optimize Heading Tags

Include Heading Tags with main points and sub-points in the content
Do not include Heading Tags which wouldn’t helpful in defining the page
Put Heading Tags there, where it make sense
Do not put all of the page’s text into one Heading Tag
And also avoid using excessively heading for SEO

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  1. These Are the SEO techniques.Quality is always be at first preference of people than Quantity…
    You Also described about ALT tag optimization which is very much Appreciable….:)
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